Quick and dirty tips for a great World of Warcraft Arena Experience

While the arena points calculator is important to know your rankings, and get a heads up for what is needed to get new gear, there is much more to arena play. In order to get positive results from your arena points calculator, you have to win matches. In order to do this it's extremely important to know your surroundings. Today we want to throw a few tips your way in hopes of providing a helping hand.

World of Warcraft: The Ring of Valor

If you enter this arena you are in for a complete blood bath. The ring of valor sets each side inside an elevator type platform. When the match begins, both side's platform will move upwards towards the arena. Keep in mind you don't get a chance to grab your senses because if you try, you'll be dead. Both platforms are parallel to one another and you'll be about 50 game feet away.

The trick here is to jump out whenever you get to the appropriate level. There is nothing more entertaining here than standing at your opponents entrance area before they reach the top. If you can do this, you'll have plenty of things to work on with your arena points calculator.

World of Warcraft: The Circle of Blood

Probably one of the areas that relinquish longer matches, the circle of blood is difficult to fight within the surroundings. You will find a bridge in the center of the arena, as well as small platforms on each side of the center. If you have a ranged attacker, their best option is to get to these areas. It may take a few skirmishes to reach perfection, but this little move could end up adding another win to your arena points calculator.