WoW Arena Points System-Get More Wins with Better Resilience

The wow arena points system is a very complex formula to the naked eye. You may have come across it before seeing things like X= Team Rating, Y= Arena Points, and if X= <1500 and Y= .22 then your blah blah blah. To be honest, it really doesn't matter how the math works, just as long as you understand the amount of points you gained throughout the week.

However, there are couple things that every wow arena points system user should know about this World of Warcraft. While it's not a secret, it will definitely give you the opportunity to see positive swings in your arena points calculator. Plus, it will definitely help you reach your goals in being rewarded with new gear, trinkets, and various other ways to gear up your toon.

WoW Resilience Rating

One of the most important stats you can have while fighting in the arenas is a good resilience rating. You can find this by opening your character screen and clicking the defensive stats on the bottom. Unfortunately your toon doesn't gain any resilience just by leveling. In order to reach greater heights you will need new gear, gems, enchants, or even the occasional elixir.

When your toon is setup with a good amount of resilience you will be able to withstand critical strikes from your opponents. It also lowers the chance of actually allowing your enemy to get off a crit strike, plus several other benefits. A good rating here for arena play is somewhere around 700. Granted some players are successful with lower marks, but the higher the better.

Is there a Cap on WoW resilience benefits?

This is a question that a lot of wow gamers don't know. There is a cap on your resilience benefits. Once you reach a little over 1400 resilience (1414.5 to be exact), your damage reduction will hit the maximum amount of 33%. While this is a bummer to many, there still isn't a cap regarding the chance to reduce crit strikes all together.

Best Places in World of Warcraft to Find Resilience Help

Once you reach level 80 and are able to have a plethora of sockets, you will be able to purchase gems with yield resilience. If you find a "Mystic" gem or Kharma's Grace, they will offer anywhere from +8 to +34 resilience rating. If you're already running battlegrounds like Wintergrasp, the Kharma's Grace can be bought by trading in 20 Stone Keeper's Shards at the Jewelcrafting vendor.

If you don't have the option to trade the shards or not enough wow gold, we suggest looking for specific pieces of gear that dawn resilience rating. Then of course you could get a few enchants as well.

Live Longer in World of Warcraft

In the end, resilience allows you to take more heavy blows and sustain a good amount of them. Add the other benefits and reaching those higher ranks of the wow arena points system will be much easier.